Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

July 01 Update: 
Currently Ukraine allows foreign citizens to enter the country. However only those arriving from green countries may enter without quarantine. those who arrive from red countries will be required to enter a 14 days self quarantine.
On the red list are countries who have a high number of active cases which is more than 40 active cases per 100,000 of the population. Active cases are the number of people tested positive less the number of recovered people who later tested negative.
The US, unlike other countries, is not following the positive cases to make sure they test again for negative results. Thus the number of active cases steadily remain very high.
Based on the current procedure, a US citizen (or anyone coming from the US within the 14 days) will be required upon arrival to Ukraine to download an app on a mobile phone which will have the information of the address where he will stay for the self isolation period.
The good news is that from today July 01, if you pass the COVID-19 test using the PRL method after crossing the state border and result is negative traveler is exempt from quarantine. the test is being conduct in airport (as of now only in KBP airport)  or in any  private lab, test costs around $75.00 per person. 
To get back results it can take between 6-12 hours, travelers can leave airport to their final destination, but can’t leave quarantine till the test comes back negative.
In addition, to enter Ukraine now travelers must  show insurance coverage that covers covid 19, the insurance company has to have a representative in Ukraine.
You can buy the insurance via the link here. 
Ukraine International (UIA) has suspended all their flights from Kiev to New York till Apr 2021, service may resume earlier if the technical issues will be resolved earlier, we at Plan It Rite are in middle of negotiations to operate a scheduled non-stop flight from New York to Kiev for Rosh Hasonah, will update the site, when it’s final.

The Ukrainian government demands from all visitors and citizens to wear a face mask in public places (Children under 6 years old are allowed to go without face mask), the government is drafting a bill to fine people who are not wearing a face mask.

Feel free to contact us with any question or concern, we are always here to help and guide our customers.